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Hume Transport


Hume Transport recognized the need to modernize their online presence and revamp their recruitment strategy to attract new drivers. Their existing website, built on WordPress, lacked the necessary functionality to support online sales and effectively promote their brand to potential candidates. Seeking a digital solution, Hume Transport partnered with MJ Digital to optimize their website, improve user experience, and achieve their primary goal of attracting new drivers through merchandise sales. By leveraging Shopify's Dawn theme and optimizing site speed, MJ Digital successfully transformed Hume Transport's outdated WordPress website into a user-friendly e-commerce platform. The result was an improved recruitment process, increased brand visibility, and enhanced conversion rates.

Key Objectives

  1. Attract New Drivers: Develop an innovative recruitment strategy by integrating an online merchandise store into the website to attract and engage potential drivers.

  2. Enhance User Experience: Create a user-friendly website interface that enables visitors to easily navigate, explore merchandise, and learn more about driver opportunities at Hume Transport.

  3. Migrate to Shopify: Transition the website from WordPress to Shopify's platform to unlock the benefits of e-commerce functionality and streamline online sales processes.

  4. Optimize Site Speed: Improve website performance by optimizing site speed to ensure optimal user experience and increased conversion rates.


MJ Digital employed a comprehensive approach to address Hume Transport's requirements and meet their objectives:

  1. Shopify Build using Dawn: MJ Digital recommended utilizing Shopify's Dawn theme to develop a visually appealing and user-friendly e-commerce platform. This theme provided a solid foundation for showcasing merchandise and creating a seamless shopping experience.

  2. Online Merchandise Store: MJ Digital integrated an online store within the website to sell Hume Transport merchandise. This innovative strategy not only generated additional revenue streams but also served as an effective recruitment tool, attracting potential drivers who resonate with the brand.

  3. Migration to Shopify 2.0: By migrating the website to Shopify 2.0, MJ Digital empowered Hume Transport with an intuitive content management system. This allowed the client to easily update and manage merchandise inventory, driver recruitment information, and other essential website content without technical expertise.

  4. Site Speed Optimization: Recognizing the impact of site speed on user experience and conversion rates, MJ Digital implemented various optimization techniques. This included optimizing images, compressing code, and leveraging caching mechanisms to reduce page load times and enhance overall site performance.

"MJ Digital was contracted by Hume Transport to create a market-leading website to improve our brand image and enable us to sell merchandise.

We found the service quick, reliable and there was a high level of communication through the process."  

Cam Elliot - Transport Operations - Hume Transport

The Results

The collaboration between MJ Digital and Hume Transport resulted in notable improvements and successful outcomes:

  1. Enhanced Driver Recruitment: The integration of an online merchandise store attracted potential drivers, showcasing Hume Transport's brand and creating opportunities for engagement. The merchandise sales strategy proved to be an innovative and effective recruitment tool, helping the company attract new drivers.

  2. Improved User Experience: The Shopify-powered website built using the Dawn theme provided a visually appealing and intuitive interface. Visitors could easily navigate the website, explore merchandise, and access driver recruitment information. This improved user experience contributed to increased engagement and a positive perception of the brand.

  3. Seamless Content Management: With the migration to Shopify 2.0, Hume Transport gained full control over their website's content. They could effortlessly manage merchandise inventory, update driver recruitment details, and make content edits without relying on technical support, resulting in increased efficiency and responsiveness.

  4. Optimized Site Speed: MJ Digital's site speed optimization techniques significantly reduced page load times, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for visitors. The improved website performance led to higher conversion rates, as potential drivers

Platform: Shopify

Time for build & Design: 3 Weeks

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