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Shopify E-Commerce Store design and build

Pollyanna approached us to create an e-commerce store for a new business the client was starting. The business was selling Hair Accessories. The client had limited knowledge of CMS platforms and wanted something quick to market and easy to manage. For these reasons we decided to build the store on the Shopify platform.

The client provided me with brand guidelines that I was tasked to create digital brand guidelines with alongside creating a bespoke e-commerce store on Shopify. The client and I worked very closely through the build to get the site to a stage we're both comfortable to launch with. The initial version of the site was an MVP. From here we incrementally made changes to better the site.

"Marshall's professionalism, speed and enthusiasm made the leap I was about to make so much more comfortable and he was there to help from start to finish. I would highly recommend Marshall to anyone after an e-commerce store"

- Polly Edwards, Founder & Owner, Pollyanna -

CMS Platform: Shopify
Time to build: 2 weeks

The project resulted in a successful e-commerce store for the client which she eventually sold on for profit.

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