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Rich Glen

The Brief

The team at Rich Glen had an existing Shopify site which needed multiple content and UX updates. Due to their current theme being on the old version of the Shopify content editing experience, this was proving difficult for the team. Rich Glen had big goals for the eCommerce growth, but the site was a point of inefficiency which needed to be addressed.

The team we're also branching into 3 other categories, all which needed a slightly different customer approach. Rich Glen needed to ensure all potential customers had a seamless user experience between the 3, with the different branding and offering clear, as well as taking into account the needs and way customers shop that specific category, while keeping with the RG brand look and feel. 

Rich Glen_mock2.jpg

The Solution

We commenced the project by choosing Pipeline as our base theme to build on top of. Pipeline provided us a very solid foundation to update the Rich Glen site and provided all features and functionality to ensure optimal success.

We started with the 4 sections of the site, Food, House, Skincare and Ava Marija. These needed to all be hosted under the Rich Glen domain and master site, but all needed different branding per section and product. Custom coding was implemented to ensure this was achievable, and also content editable so if branding was to update down the line it was doable without major upset. Given the business’s growth goals, we’ve also left room for more ‘sections’ to be added. 

From here we built out the rest of the site and content pages, paying specific attention to the brand story and scattering this throughout the site as this is proven to increase conversion if a user has a personal connection with the brand.

​From here we speed optimised the site before launching to the public.

Working with MJDigital on our new website project was seamless, efficient and no BS. Marshall quoted the works required, gave us an accurate timeline and was accessible to chat through questions that were raised during the process. 


I have worked with quite a few Web Developers, and without a doubt, MJ Digital is the only team I swear by! 

Marshall is knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about creating websites that optimise the user experience, and ensure the website is created in a holistic manor, factoring in items such as Google rating and SEO.

Jack Vodusek - Assistant Director - Rich Glen Estate


Site Speed

A big goal of the rebuild was to increase site speed which has been proven to increase conversion rate, this was at the forefront of mind when building out the project which has resulted in above-average results.


Rich Glen Site Speed
Rich Glen Site Speed


Rich Glen Site Speed
Rich Glen Site Speed

The Results

The end project delivered an aesthetically pleasing and functional website with multiple custom sections and functionality that has allowed the client full control over the editing of all content on the site, it also condensed 4 brands into 1 with no confusion to the consumer, yet greatly improved the shopping experience for each individual. 

Platform: Shopify

Time for build & Design: 2 Months

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