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MJ Digital | Shopify | eCommerce | Digital Agency

About Us

We were founded in 2018 to solve a simple problem - the lack of effective, efficient, and customer-orientated web solutions for small-medium businesses, specifically Shopify & eCommerce.


Our goal is to align with your goals, whether you're a start-up, looking to scale or want a full web overhaul, we provide a cost-effective, efficient, and modern website delivered by a friendly and helpful team of experts. Put simply - there is no need to reinvent the wheel, no bs and no rip-offs!

MJ Digital | Shopify | eCommerce | Digital Agency | Hair Supply Direct

Latest Projects

Hair Supply Direct

As a family-owned and operated business, Hair Supply Direct faced challenges with their outdated WordPress website. The website's slow loading times and lack of functionality hindered their online sales and customer experience. Recognizing the need for a modernized platform, Hair Supply Direct approached MJ Digital for a solution to revamp their website and enhance their online presence. By leveraging a custom Shopify build using the Dawn theme and optimizing site speed, MJ Digital successfully transformed Hair Supply Direct's website into a highly functional and scalable e-commerce platform.

MJ Digital | Shopify | eCommerce | Digital Agency | Partners

Our Clients

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MJ Digital | Shopify | eCommerce | Digital Agency


Shopify Editions Winter 23`

Shopify Released 'Editions' recently which showcases all the new and upcoming features and functionalities within Shopify that we can leverage. Read my full recap of the most exciting features below.

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MJ Digital | Shopify | eCommerce | Digital Agency | Coffee

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