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Braybrook Engineering


Braybrook Engineering approached MJ Digital with a significant challenge: their existing website was outdated, difficult to navigate, and almost impossible for the team to update without incurring substantial agency fees. The site, built on WordPress, lacked the flexibility and user-friendliness necessary for Braybrook Engineering to effectively manage their online presence. Additionally, their branding materials, including their logo, business cards, and other marketing assets, were in dire need of a refresh.


  • Rebuild the website to enhance user experience and ease of content management.

  • Transition the website platform from WordPress to Shopify.

  • Design and implement a new email system for seamless team communication.

  • Revamp the company’s branding, including logo redesign and the creation of new marketing materials.

  • Coordinate professional photography to elevate the visual appeal of the brand.


Website Development

  1. Platform Migration: We transitioned Braybrook Engineering’s website from WordPress to Shopify. This move provided a more intuitive interface, allowing the team to easily manage and update content without needing technical expertise.

  2. Website Redesign: The new website was designed with a modern, clean look, ensuring improved navigation and a better overall user experience. The focus was on showcasing Braybrook Engineering's capabilities and services in a visually appealing and organized manner.

Email System Setup:

  • Implemented a new, efficient email system using the Google platform for the team to improve internal and external communications. This new system was tailored to meet the specific needs of Braybrook Engineering, ensuring reliability and ease of use.

Branding and Marketing Materials:

  • Logo Redesign: We created a fresh, modern logo that better represented Braybrook Engineering’s brand identity and industry.

  • Business Cards and Fridge Magnets: New business cards and fridge magnets were designed, enhancing the company's professional image and providing practical, everyday branding tools.

  • Other Marketing Materials: Additional marketing materials were developed to ensure a cohesive brand presence across all platforms.


  • Braybrook partnered with Orchard Media to conduct a professional photoshoot. The new photography highlighted Braybrook Engineering’s projects, team, and facilities, adding a personal and professional touch to their website and marketing materials.

Marshall has been amazing to deal with from the first meeting. He understood what we were wanting to achieve, the desired look, feel, tone and absolutely nailed it. He has been patient, organised, efficient and easy to understand through the whole process and we couldn’t be happier with the result. We are so thankful to Marshall for all of his hard work and can’t wait to continue working with him.

Steph Carroll - Braybrook Engineering

The Results

The overhaul of Braybrook Engineering’s website and branding resulted in significant improvements:

  • Enhanced User Experience: The new Shopify website is user-friendly, visually appealing, and easy to navigate.

  • Increased Efficiency: The team can now update content independently, reducing reliance on external agencies and cutting costs.

  • Brand Cohesion: The redesigned logo and new marketing materials provided a unified, professional brand image.

  • Improved Communication: The new email system streamlined internal and external communications, enhancing overall efficiency.

  • Visual Appeal: Professional photography added a high-quality visual element to the website and marketing materials, making the brand more attractive to potential clients.



The collaboration between Braybrook Engineering and MJ Digital successfully addressed all the client’s pain points, resulting in a modernized, efficient, and visually compelling online presence. The project not only improved Braybrook Engineering's operational efficiency but also strengthened their brand identity, setting them up for future growth and success.

Platform: Shopify

Time for build & Design: 1 Month

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