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Benson & Clegg

Shopify Rebuild, LayoutHub Build, Klaviyo Implementation

eCommerce Platform: Shopify

Content Editing platform: LayoutHub

Email marketing platform: Klaviyo

Time for build & Design: 2 months

The Brief

When Benson & Clegg reached out to implement some UX improvements on their current Shopify site, we decided to take a consultative approach and do a full user experience audit of the site, gathering real user data to guide the audit and list of recommendations. ​


One of the main takeaways from the audit was that the current Shopify build was outdated and becoming more of a hindrance than a benefit. ​


We decided with the Benson & Clegg team that it was time to modernize, and undertook a full redesign and rebuild of their Shopify site.


The Solution

The Benson & Clegg team worked collaboratively with us to choose a Shopify theme to use as the base of the site. We then edited the codebase to perfect the desired visuals.

We utilized multiple applications to optimize the user experience on the site including;

- 'Product Search & Filter' for the site search and filtering

- Infinite Options by ShopPad for custom suit tailoring

- LayoutHub for content page creation and editing

- Klaviyo for email marketing 

- Calendly for in-store and virtual suit tailoring appointments


Marshall has provided me with an exemplary service throughout, fulfilling the brief he was given but also providing appropriate and valuable contributions on additional ways to achieve the objectives and generate additional revenues. He is always on hand to answer questions and provide quick fixes for those odd occasions where something unexpected happens and requires urgent attention. He has ensured that Benson & Clegg’s e-commerce solutions are up to date, relevant and forward looking. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.


- Mark Gordon, Managing Director - Benson & Clegg -


A huge part of the clients inital frustrations with thier old site was the lack of ability to manage internally, especially to make quick updates to pages and content in line with thier marketing/sales goals. For this reason, we approached the site built with the aim of making the majority of the site content totally editable for the Benson & Clegg Team.

We chose to utilise the default Shopify theme editor for the home page, and then decided to go with an app called LayoutHub for all content pages. We designed a series of modules for the Benson & Clegg team to use that allowed them to design all current and future content pages.

The site was then coupled with Klaviyo for the perfect combination, we set up flows, email templates and set all lists to ensure efficient and effective marketing and remarketing efforts resulted in the optimal outcome.

The Results

The end deliverable not only resulted in a facelift for the brand, an easier and more efficient content editing experience but also had a very positive impact on the performance of the site with a google rating of 96% - well above average, and up from 56% prior to the rebuild.

Benson and Clegg Site Speed
Benson and Clegg Site Speed

eCommerce Platform: Shopify

Content Editing platform: LayoutHub

Email marketing platform: Klaviyo

Time for build & Design: 2 months

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