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Walnut Melbourne

The Brief

The team at Walnut Melbourne had a Shopify site that was development-heavy as well as old and slow, when it came to any changes to the site, they wanted to have more control and ownership over their site and the content changes that needed to be made, a perfect candidate for Shopify OS 2.0.

There were also several javascript and styling errors across the site which at times made the site look broken, not a good experience for new customers.

The team also wanted to reduce the need for external resources to allow for greater efficiencies internally. 

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The Solution

We started the project off by choosing a theme to suit the teams and business needs, Pixel Union's Empire theme was the perfect solution here offering the team ample modules to create their desired page and fantastic inbuilt search functionality.

The homepage had recently been redesigned so we wanted to keep as close to that as possible, with some minor alterations, the rest of the site underwent minor adjustments to ensure best practice.

The end result delivered a site that is not only significantly faster than the previous, but also enhanced the user experience and most importantly, reduced the need for external developers to update everything all the time, and put the power back into the hands of the Walnut Melbourne team creating massive efficiencies.

After all my years in e-commerce, it's rare to find such an exceptional website delivered at such a reasonable cost! Working with Marshall is a breeze, the process was clear, on time and the standard of the project delivered was over my expectations. Site speed is miles faster, conversion has improved significantly and the website looks and feels so much slicker with a much smoother customer journey. Anyone with a medium-size business, get in touch - Marshall will change the way your e-coms stores operate.

Pollyann Edwards - eCommerce Manager, Walnut Melbourne

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Site Speed

A big goal of the rebuild was to increase site speed which has been proven to increase conversion rate, this was at the forefront of mind when building out the project which has resulted in above-average results.


Walnut Mobile - Prior
Walnut Mobile Site Speed


Walnut Mobile Site Speed
Walnut Mobile Site Speed

The Results

The end result delivered a website that is substantially faster which has resulted in a higher conversion rate and less reliance on external developers therefore reducing external costs.

Platform: Shopify Plus

Time for build & Design: 1.5 Months

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